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Something for children in lockdown.

ALPHABETICAL SYDNEY: CREATIVE LAB was a 2018 Museum of Sydney exhibition inspired by the book.  Here’s Hilary reading an animated version of ‘Alphabetical Sydney’ from that show.

Join author Hilary Bell and illustrator Antonia Pesenti as they read their best-selling book Alphabetical Sydney, and show their process to make this delightful children’s book.

This video was created for and displayed in Alphabetical Sydney: Creative Lab, an interactive children’s exhibition which was on display at the Museum of Sydney from 25 November 2017 – 12 August 2018. The exhibition celebrated Sydney in all its diversity, from A to Z and took its inspiration from the Alphabetical Sydney book.

The video and exhibition was produced by Sydney Living Museums in collaboration with illustrator Antonia Pesenti and author Hilary Bell, creators of the best-selling book Alphabetical Sydney.

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